Saturday, May 19, 2012

Light Eternal

Photo: Sandii Cochrane, Australia's most eastern point
The world is embedded with clues, insights and revelations. Light is one of them. We are nourished by light. On a beautiful morning, the sun enlivens and renews us. Every cell in the body rejoices.

Photo: Sandii Cochran

"In the beginning...God said, 'Let there be light;' and there was light. And God saw that the light was good."

God (or Spirit or the Divine or the Creative Force) bathes us in that light. As you feel the radiance, know it is good. The experience will change you. Perhaps the most exceptional example of this transformation occurred in the life of Jesus Christ. There, amidst his disciples he was illumined to such an extent that no one could gaze directly upon him: "the transfiguration."  

At that moment, human life pivoted. Suddenly ALL human beings could shine, beacons of Light and Goodness. This possibility is as close and real as the light you'll experience today or tomorrow. As it streams toward you, immerse yourself. Therein lies your own transfiguration.

A beautiful piece, "O Nata Lux" ("O Light Born of Light'), by one of the great composers of our time, Morten Lauridsen. 

Piano music from my "Light Born of Light" album. Listen to more and find CD at 

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