Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Beautiful Niece and I: "Talking In Duet"

I'm blessed to have a beautiful, special niece. Her name is Lily. Lily and I play in duet together. We sit at a huge, grand piano at my Dad's house when we see each other over the holidays.

During our visit this week, we were talking together about our duets. I asked Lily, "How does it feel to improvise in duet?" Lily said, "When I do 'free-hand' playing, I feel more free than when I play off the notes in a music book. When I play music notes, I feel I'm being directed. But when I play 'free-hand' (Lily means when she's improvising), I feel like my hands are running free. But when I play from a book, I feel more hard. That's why I like 'free-hand' playing better. I feel soft."

Here is a video of Lily and I improvising in duet - that means, playing "free-hand," as Lily says!

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