Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marriage, Medley and Music

On the tenth anniversary of marriage to my wonderful Australian husband, I reflect on what it meant to  say, "I do." Some years ago, I created a piano medley that combines two traditional pieces, Shenandoah and Waltzing Matilda - each reflecting the history and culture of our respective countries. I perform it during my concerts as a tribute to Laurie.

In my piano medleys, I'll allow one piece to flow into another, the melodies blend and transform, the notes of one song leading to the next. Whatever happens, both songs remain recognizable. Each contributes to the whole. There are spontaneous notes, too. As I day-dream, unforeseen improvisations arise. I savor the new notes and the space they create.

Marriage is like a medley. And just as in a good medley, the result is more than the sum of the parts. Each person enhances the other. Each partner is wholly themselves, respected by the other for who, in his essence he is. It's taken me time to learn these lessons. Musical medley, as I'm realizing, is a beautiful and apt reflection of marriage.

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