Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Ultimate Duet

In prayer this morning, it suddenly occurred to me: I am in a duet with God, the Creator, or Spirit--that which is all-pervasive and ever-unfolding. And even more, the Creator is in duet with me!

In prayerful silence, I reflected on my inner "posture" and recalled what happens in piano duet--receptivity, listening, attentiveness. I open to another person and who he or she TRULY IS, making room for the possibility of an extraordinary outcome. The same was happening in prayer.

Indeed, the ULTIMATE DUET is with the Creative Force of the Universe. When we come into life, our birth is a beautiful expression of duet--God or Spirit in duet with matter, giving form to Itself as us. And when we leave, we are often reminded once again of its Absolute presence, its inherent and infinite nature, its purity and goodness.

At any and every moment along the way, we can rekindle our connection to this Divine Force. Simply choose to LISTEN FULLY and UNCONDITIONALLY for that "still small voice." In so doing, we realize that it's ALWAYS been there. We enter into the ULTIMATE DUET.

Here are several principles of The Piano Duet Paradigm. As I'm realizing, when used as prayer or meditation, they can awaken our relationship to God.

LIBERATE one's senses to listen wholly and fully to ANOTHER human being (or God, the Absolute, Spirit). In so doing, we begin to hear the natural, true "voice" of the other (of the Creator) at the same time that we begin to experience OUR OWN.


Harmony recognizes harmony. (Pythagoras)

These MIRACULOUS, NEW results are the manifestation of GRACE.

As we experience GRACE, we gain SELF-KNOWLEDGE, awakened to the CREATIVE FORCE that works through EACH OF US.

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